SHUIFU M7 Touchless Automatic Car Wash Equipment

Model: SHUIFU-M7 | Brand: Shuifu | Manufacture Country: China

SHUIFU-M7 TouchFree CarWash Machine Washing Packages

  • Start

  • Wheel wash(Option)

  • Underbody

  • HP(High pressure) Water

  • Thick Foam(Option)

  • HP(High pressure) Water

  • Presoak

  • HP(High pressure) Water

  • Wax(Option avaliable when blowers included)

  • Blowers(Option)

  • Stop & Reset

SHUIFU-M7 Touchless CarWash Features

The M7 touchless in-bay car wash system moves gently forwards and backwards on rails which are supported at a height of 4 meters by a structure made of galvanized 4 legs support and allowing car wash bridge machinery such as motors and gears remain in the top protected within breastplate of the embellishing machine and therefore away from dirt and direct water that would shorten their lives as they just going to other systems.

Once made washing machine reading to know the dimensions of the vehicle , there are 2 articulated arms are turning around and doing the various vehicle functions such as prewash , HP wash, rinse and Waxing with Osmosis , design with free and open style never are creating claustrophobic and electric traction without lubrication, to reduce complexity and not have to make any maintenance. 

The only "homework" that must be made from time to time will clean the support structure as it deserves to highlight this washing machine without contact...

Besides , in your washing machine... You can put your own logo or company brand! The M7 allows you to configure all accessories in colors and personalize it with your own images. 

Main technical features :

  • Incorporates VPS ( virtual positioning system ) that requires 15 % less time to process the characteristics of each vehicle other machines without contact.

  • It comes standard with the HVO wash package that allows more than 24 cars in 1 hour with a perfect balance between speed and cleanliness.

  • The M7is able to control and make the most optimal pressure at all times INTER pump and available for each chemical pumps , water treatment Pur Clean, the prewashed , the best angles of washing with rotating arms ... and much more , for having the best high pressure washing!

  • The swing arms are 100 % free and smart, it can apply HP water and chemicals ... etc .

  • The bearings are greased for life and not having to worry about the oil on the machine.

  • The starting and stopping of the engine is 100 % smooth and with stronger lifespan.

  • The gearbox does not need lubrication so does reduce lost time and money spent .

  • Also, its flexibility is unmatched for programming the machine , with SHUIFU  technical support it can easily switch among 6 different wash programs and adapt to changes in real-time queues .

  • Thanks to the radial movement of the arm when applying chemical falls on the car just not wasting it to fall.

SHUIFU-M7 Touchless Automatic Car Wash Machine

SHUIFU-M7(GT-M7) classic automatic Touchless car wash machine is a new design with simpler but strong washing packages, the main washing processes are 110bar high-pressure water and special detergent presoak. M7 used to share 80% of Chinese touchfree vehicle wash machine market, is a prould innovation popular in South America(Chile, Peru, Brazil, Columbia, Venezuela, Bolivia, Paraguay, Uruguay, Trinidad and Tobago),South East(Malaysia, Vietnam, Thailand, Myanmar) and Middle-east(KSA, Iraq, Iran, Pakistan).

SHUIFU-M7 Main Parts:  Italy Inter pump, high pressure water pump, water-proof pump motor, high quality no noise no oil air compressor,  LED sign, machine bridge, bottom washing device, touch screen, electrical box, water pipes, cables and rails.


M7 Installation Option

  • Outdoor Installation frame

  • 6pieces 4KW dryers

  • Independent Wax System

  • SHUIFU-M7 Touchless Car Wash Installation: Customers can install machines by using factory machine installation manual andwiring diagrams. 

  • Pakistan, India, Malaysia, Russian, Malaysia, Lebanon, Kazakhstan, Armenia, Chile, Brazil customers have installed equipments by manual instructions.

  • SHUIFU-M7 Indoor Installation Size: L*W*H=7000*3100-3400*3100mm

  • SHUIFU-M7 Touch Free Car Wash Max Car Washing Size: L*W*H=5500*2000*2080mm

  • SHUIFU-M7 Touch Free Car Wash Outdoor Installation Steel Frame Size: L*W*H=6330*3686*3300mm.

  • Customers buy glass side&top from local markets. 


6pieces fixed 4KW air blowers are optional. The Blowers/Dryers/Fans Running Automaticlly After Washing Packages Done, With Parameters of Strong Power Blowers as bellow

  • Air volume 3000cfm

  • Air speed 140mph

  • Air flow rate of 3600pa

The Dryers Can Offer 94% Dry Result.

SHUIFU M7 double-arm Touchless car wash machineclosest-touchless-car-wash-touchless-M7-SHUIFU-CHINAauto-car-wash-touchless-M7-SHUIFU-CHINA

Double Spraying Arm Do Offer HP(High-pressure) Water And Presoak Soap For Necessary Touchless Car Washing Machine. Double Arm Means Half Time And Double Speed To Finish Washing Packages. So This Options Suit For Wash Stations Which Required Exquisite Faster Washing Processes.

SHUIFU-M7 Automatic Touchless Car Wash Machine

Main Technical Parameters

Touch free car wash / Touchless Car Wash

Model No.SHUIFU-M7
TouchScreen LanguageEnglish, Spanish, French, Turkish , Chinese, Russian, Arabic, Hungarian or other customized language.
Spare PartsFree Charge
Standard Wash Process
Bottom and Side Washing-High PressureWashing-Wax and Shampoo Mixture Spraying-High Pressure Washing
Optional Wash Process
Bottom and Side Washing-High PressureWashing-Shampoo Spraying-High Pressure Washing-Wax Spraying-High PressureWashing
Customized wash process is available.Customers can set waiting time between two liquids.
Max. Washing SizeL*W*H=5500*2000*2080mm
Min. Installation DimensionL*W*H=7000*3300*3100mm
Length of TrackL=6000mm
Total Machine Net Weight1300KGS
Power Supply Requirement3 phase AC380V 50-60Hz 50A 16 square cable
or customized industrial voltage
Main Motor Power16.5KW Motor
Total Machine Power18.5KW, Drying optional 24KW.
Control System
Frequency ChangerTaiwan/Delta
Touch ScreenTaiwan/Delta
Photoelectricity/two sensors for Bottomand Sides WashingSwitzerland/Contrinex
Electrical components/RelayJapan/Omron
ContactorFrance/ Schneider
Motor DriverJapan/Mitsubishi
Switching Power SupplyTaiwan/Meanwell
Earth Leakage Protective DeviceFrance/Merlin Gerin
Drive System
Longitudinal and Horizontal DriveGear Drive
Drive MotorStepping Motor
Ultrasonic SensorsPEPPERL+FUCHS/Germany
Operation SystemNumerical Control
High-pressure Water Equipment
High Pressure Plunger PumpItaly Inter pump high pressure water pump with 16.5KW motor
Standard Washing Pressure70KGS
10KGS-70KGS manual adjustable


SHUIFU-M7 Energy Consumption

Water ConsumptionAbout 150L/Car
Electricity Consumption0.42 KWH/Car
Shampoo Consumption20L/300-500Cars
Wax Consumption20L/300-500Cars
Washing Speed130seconds/car (without drying), Thewashing speed is adjustable.
Drying Speed: 30seconds/car
Applicable CarsAll Types of Small Cars and Vans with maxsize L*W*H=5500*2000*2080mm.


SHUIFU-M7 Functions

High Pressure Bottom WashingYes
High Pressure Side WashingYes
High Pressure Car Body WashingYes
Shampoo and Wax Mixture SprayingYes
Independent Wax SystemOptional
Numerical ControlYes
Automatic MaintenanceYes
Car Washing Counting SystemYes
Error Self Checking SystemYes
LED SignYes
Remote ControlYes
Drying SystemOptional, 6pieces 4KW dryers or 4pieces5.5kw blowers
Dryers with air open are available.
Car Wash Water Recycle SystemOptional, 2T/H or 5T/H, 0.5T/H or 1T/H
Steel Frame for outdoor installationOptional, hot galvanizing surfacetreatment
8mm thickness sunlight plate for steelframeOptional
Wash PackagesCustomized
Machine ColorStandard: white and red. Customized coloris available.
LogoCustomers’ logos are ok.
Warranty: 13months



  • Customers need to buy shampoo and waxfrom local markets.

  • There is no independent wax spraying forstandard machine. Independent wax spraying is optional.

  • Machine input voltage must be threephase industrial voltage.

  • Customized brand of high pressure waterpump is available.

  • Customers need to prepare a 2Ton cleanwater tank for machine installation.

  • The drying system is controlled by asmall remote control not by touch screen.


SHUIFU M7 Touchless Car Wash Machine Parts

  • High Pressure Water Pump Station

  • Main Electrical Box

  • Bridge

  • Steel Rail

  • Touch Screen

  • Bottom Washing Device

  • LED Sign

SHUIFU M7 Touchless car wash machineTouchless-car-wash-with-dirty-car-for-wheel-blaster-touchless-M7-SHUIFU-CHINAtouchless-wash-touchless-M7-SHUIFU-CHINA

SHUIFU M7 Touchless Car Wash Smart Features

  • UltrasonicSensor (PEPPERL+FUCHS/Germany)-There are 2pieces ultrasonic sensors on themachine. The front sensor is used to test the width of the car. The back sensoris used to test the length of the car. The L arm rinses the vehicle immediatelywithout wasting time to measure the size of the vehicle. Ultrasonic sensors cango through the high pressure water and measure the size of vehicle directly andprecisely.

  • HighPressure Plunger Pump- Italy Inter pump high pressure water pump with16.5KW motor, Standard washing pressure 70KGS, 10-70KGS water pressureadjustable.
    Customizedwater pump is available.

  • Frequency conversion-The inverter cancontrol the voltage and current effectively. The inverter can also adjust themachine speed automatically, 9 types of speed.

  • Omron Sensor-The Omron sensor is used totransfer, manage, store, display, record and control information.

  • The encoder is used to edit and switchsignal data for communication, transmission and storage. The machine will stopworking if there were any problem about software and hardware of the machine.

  • Numerical Control Operation-The movementof the machine is controlled by digital information technology. This guaranteesthe machine will move smoothly.

  • Manual oil system-The oil pump isconnected to all bearings of the machine.

  • Long Life Gear Drive-Gear drive makesmachine move smoothly and precisely.


Highpressure bottom and side washing device for cleaning chassis and sides

Shampoospray: customers can buy shampoo from factory or local markets

HighPressure Washing: Italy Inter pump good quality high pressure water pump with70Bar working pressure. Water pressure 10-70bar adjustable. Customized waterpump is available.

Taiwan Delta Touch Screen: Chinese, English, Russian and Spanish Language (Language customizable)

LED Signfor guiding car washing.

PEPPERL+FUCHS/GermanyUltrasonic Sensors for testing car washing size.

Wheel Brushes(Optional)

Touchless Car Wash Machine


Wheel Brushes Enhances the Washing Result for Wheels, Tires, Fender, With HP(High-Pressure) Water Engaged By Stainless Steel Nozzles Surrounding The Round Brushes. When Brushes Rotating High-Pressure Water Comes to Rinse the Dirties, Can Absolutely Enhance The Wheel Washing. Check the Brushes Above There Are Different Thickness of Brushes Fabrics So To Penetrate Into Wheels To Wash Out The Heavy Dirties Inside Wheel.


SHUIFU M7 Touchless Car Wash Machine Packing:

  • Machine plywood box

  • 5packages

  • G.W=2300KGS

  • Totalpacking Size=13CBM